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Coaching & Mindfullness: services and prices
Life & Spiritual Coaching
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Life & Spiritual Coaching

Services and prices

  • Business Coaching focuses on your work. It includes for example coaching to find solutions for your projects, deals with worklace conflicts, self-motivation, adaptation to changes, setting priorities, effective delegation of tasks to employees, or improving one's career. Very often, a boss is the one, who initiates business coaching for his employee (and the task is to solve the area, which boss evaluates as problematic). Coaching in this case is possible only if the employee agrees to work on the task with the coach.
  • Life Coaching focuses on your private life. It includes for example the coaching on making difficult life decisions, life changes, finding more balance in private area of life, work-life balance, clarifying personal values and life goals, finding motivation, improving the quality of life. Coaching is also very good tool of finding motivation for things, which client wants, but s/he is procrastinating.
  • Power and Meaning Coaching focuses on your inner/ spiritual life. Coaching goes deeper and it is complex, it looks at ones life as a whole. It includes the coaching for finding the meaning of life, knowing own limits and borders and crossing them, finding the inner power and resources to live the happy, successful life, where we feel strong and valuable and achieving personal freedom.

The price for one hour of coaching is 33 euro. The price of more pre-paid hours can be discounted.