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Life & Spiritual Coaching
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Life & Spiritual Coaching

My services

Coaching is very effective way, how to find a solution for some problem or life situation. The solution of the problem can be in the area of work, or it can focus on fulfilling of your dreams. However, the most important thing lies not in finding a solution, but in its practical realisation! That is the real meaning of the coaching. To improve and to change.
I offer three kinds of coaching. They differ in area of coaching and depth of coaching: business coaching, life coaching and power & meaning coaching (or spiritual coaching).
I have been dealing with counselling for eight years. I am offering classical counselling in the area of business and life coaching. Except of this, I am dealing with power & meaning coaching, which needs also deeper knowledge of how unconsciousness and inner world works and how to find inside a way to more personal power and freedom. You can read more about me here.
business coaching

Business coaching

Focuses on your work. It includes for example coaching to find solutions for your projects,
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life coaching

Life coaching

Focuses on your private life. It includes for example coaching to make important decisions, life changes,
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spiritual coaching

Power & Meaning coaching

Focuses on your inner life. This coaching goes deep and it deals with a life situation from spiritual point of view,
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Three steps to coaching

  • A client contacts me by e-mail or phone. We will arrange the first consultation, which is free of charge. During this consultation, we will speak about the topic, client would like to coach and further details concerning our coaching sessions. I will explain the client, what s/he can expect from coaching and find out, if the problem/situaiton of the client can be effectively solved by coaching. If yes, we will move to the step 2.
  • Our sessions take place usually once a month. For the Power & Meaning Coaching is the most effective model once a week. We are then focusing on solving the problem. The problem is solved, when client finds satisfying solution, which works for him/her.
  • The time needed for finding a solution cannot be predicted exactly. Sometimes, just one hour is needed. In general, more complex the problem is, more time is needed. From my experience, when client deals with complicated problem or situation, one month is too short to solve the problem, but s/he can feel the difference (see, if the coaching moves him/her somewhere). Three months is the period, which usually brings the changes into the life. And half a year is needed, in order to settle down new things and changes and make them strong part of client't life.

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